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Have You Heard The Tale Of 2 Puppies ?

Roscoe & Jack - "The Dog Gon Famous Duo" Although these two dogs lived TOTALLY DIFFERENT lifestyles!

Roscoe knew he was destined to be king of his quiet little family home, and had free reign over a large plot of land...BUT he never quite got the royal treatment a KING PUP deserves.

His family showed him love, a time or two, with a HAND to the head or a SCRATCH BEHIND THE EARS, but what he never got...

was a package of TOYS & TREATS or even PAMPERED & BRUSHED with Clean Doggy Feet!

Never getting the Barkin Treatment he deserved left him feeling sad, & doggy depressed...

Meanwhile Ol' Jack of All Toys, enjoyed his days lounging around the yard in his Barkin day bed, tuggin' a rope or two, fetchin a ball, & waiting for a "man servant" to wipe his paws.

Man was his life worth waggin' a tail!

The only difference between the Jack's folks found a few Barkin Good Deals online & Roscoe's still Barkin for someone to see our ads.

This is why we do what we do.

We don't believe that any dog should have to lay around like a "Roscoe" so we went out and found the right TOYS, TREATS, & PETCARE products to keep your dog, as CLEAN & COOL, as Gentleman "Jack"

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